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GWP started in 2015 by author Mary Smith. She wanted to help authors achieve the goal of publishing their manuscripts.


GWP will take your manuscript and turn it into a fully published novel. It will be edited, proofread, formatted and published on all major platforms, to include paperbacks.


GWP gladly accepts submissions in these categories:

Romance (all sub-genres)
Paranormal (all sub-genres)
Erotica and Erotic (all sub-genres)
Sci-Fi (all sub-genres)


Kathy Krick

Graphic Designer:
Amber Linn

Mary Smith

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NEW BOOK ALERT! Lila Felix and Elle Kimberly

Lila and Elle have dropped another clean romance book called, Vivan's Ring!

Want to know what it's about?

Vivian's favorite word is alone. She lives in solitude, writing under a pen name and existing in a shadow of a life.

She's got her career and her books.

Brent wanted on thing in Vegas and one thing only-to get his favorite author's autograph on his favorite novel-a novel in which the main character could've been based on him.

Standing in line with a book in hand, he never suspected that the one girl who left him in that small town to pursue her dreams and crush his heart would be the same woman who wrote the novels he obsessed over.

He certainly didn't mean to get drunk and marry her in Vegas.

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PRESS RELEASE: Tracey Clark signs on

Gone Writing Publishing would like to welcome Tracey Clark as our newest signed author.

Be on the look out in the Fall of 2015 for Tracey's newest book. Shocking Finds: A Finder's Keeper.


Gone Writing Publishing is excited to announce, V.L. Locey, best-selling author of To Love a Wildcat Sports Romance author, has signed on.

Please sure to follow her Amazon page to see the re-release of her books. They will be uploaded soon.